Top Places to Visit in Russia

Russia can surely be called as a large country. It is situated in Eastern Europe. Its history is deeply rooted in history. Russia always had a strong presence in thenesia.

In the past, Russia was situated by the Asian countries, particularly China and Afghanistan and was influenced by them. However, today, Russia has become an independent country and has become a ruler of the largest area in Eastern Europe. All this said and done, Russia has a rich history. Here are the top places you can visit in the country:

1.) Moscow. Since the Cold War days, Moscow has been the capital of Russia. It is also the largest city in the country and for any cosmopolitan traveler, it is a dream-come-true destination.

2.) St. Petersburg. Another dream-come-true destination, St. Petersburg has a lot of historical monuments and buildings to visit and one of them is the Peter and Paul Fortress. It is also called Peterhof and is the former resting place of the Romanov Czars.

3.) Petersburg has a lot of museums and art galleries. The historic and museum city of Petersburg has a museum to suit everyone’s taste. The Russian State Opera and Ballet Theatre is a wonderland for art and culture lovers. Visit the Russian National Gallery or the State Historical and Museum or the Petersburg Historical Museum. The possibilities are endless.

4.) Petersburg is also well known for its terrific restaurants. A visit to Petersburg is incomplete without having a splendid dinner at a Petersburg Restaurant. There are also quite a number of cafes and drinking establishments that offer a variety of hot and cold beverages.

5.) Drive through the Goldwark Canal. The historic canal features a lot of architectural buildings along with the Peter and Paul Fortress. There are also parks and gardens along the canal, and this place is known for ferrying its visitors on boats going to founded streets of Petersburg.

6.) St. Petersburg is the best place to go to for learning more about the Russian language. Learn all the rules and techniques of Russian conversation and also how to use it. It is a very practical language.

7.) Learn all the sights in Petersburg. There are a lot of impressive architectural buildings as well as palaces and museums in the city. At the very least, make a dedication of a couple days to visit all the cultural and historical landmarks in the city.

8.) There are a lot of parks and gardens in the city. ardon the pun, but the best one is Peterhof. This garden is famous for housing the world’s largest Rakha Cathedral, pictured above.

9.) Visit Leningrad. Along the way from Petersburg to Leningrad, make sure to visit a service hall, perhaps the most popular in the city located at a palatial avenue. There are also a lot of parks and gardens in Leningrad.

10.) Go to Vergina. This city is also know as the “Paris of Russia” for its romantic Kunstler Palace, and also for the Roman Like Mausoleum it has built for Dracula. There are a lot of museums in Vergina, a true wonder.

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